Odescalchi Medical Centre

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The Odescalchi Medical Centre has many years of experience in the field of specialised medicine.

In a comfortable and confidential environment, a coordinated team of specialists work with seriousness and competence in the service of health and well-being.

Our first objective is prevention: maintaining the state of well-being through customised prevention programmes (check-ups) aimed at reducing risk factors and overweight, with particular attention to the overall health status of the individual.

Health and care activities are divided across six main sectors:

  • Specialised Medicine: divided into various branches to provide more detailed and specific problem-solving.
  • Dentistry: offers curative aesthetic and definitive solutions: oral hygiene education, orthodontics, fixed and removable dental braces type in order to diagnose and eventually treat skeletal and dental abnormalities (with fixed or removable braces) of the oral system. Implantology targeted at the majority of adults who have lost one or more teeth.
  • Occupational Medicine: aimed at small, medium and large businesses for compliance with Legislative Decree 81/2008. Inspection, health plans, specialist visits and instrumental tests, blood tests, first aid course, fire-fighting course, Health and Safety Officer, all ATECO (Economic Activity) sectors.
  • Physical Medicine and Physiotherapy: manual therapy and physiokinesis therapy: kinesis therapy, rehabilitation, massage therapy, manipulation, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage.
  • Instrumental Physical Therapy: high power laser therapy, electrical stimulation, TENS electrotherapy, iontophoresis, ultrasound, diadynamic currents, Tecar therapy.
  • Global claims support: legal advice, medical insurance assistance, specialist medical services, medico-legal appraisals.
  • Aesthetic Medicine: non-invasive and non-surgical techniques for anti-aging treatment: biorevitalisation treatments, laser therapy for the correction of skin blemishes, Botox, fillers for the correction of wrinkles and scars, permanent hair removal, mesotherapy.